Custom Home Builds

Designing and building a custom home allows for endless creativity and customization – you can build the perfect home to fit your family and your life. Especially in Colorado, where the home inventory is constantly low, building a custom home is a great alternative option to explore. We offer custom home builds along the entire Denver-metro and front range areas, including the mountain communities.

However, building a custom home requires vast amounts of coordination and planning. That’s where we come in. Lean on MLC Contracting’s decades of experience when designing and building your custom home.

Build the Home Of Your Dreams

There are many reasons to consider building a custom home. 

  • Customization – Instead of trying to make a space work for you, you get to intentionally design the space to fit your specific needs.
  • Incorporate New Technologies – Modern technologies (“smart” home features) can be included in your new home.
  • Energy Savings – When building a new home, you can utilize energy-efficient materials in order to lower energy usage and costs.
  • Low Maintenance Costs – Because everything in your home will be new, maintenance costs and headaches virtually disappear for several years.

Start Your Custom Home Project

Contact MLC Contracting today to get started on your custom home build. The first step is a consultation and estimate. Let’s create a custom home that you’ll love!

Building a Custom Home with MLC Contracting & Cabinetry

There is nothing quite like designing and building your very own custom home. Involving yourself in the dreaming, planning and design of your custom home allows for unparalleled customization that you can’t get with buying or even remodeling a house. Building a house from scratch ensures that you get a house that fits you and your family perfectly. 

Building a custom home is all about choices, hundreds of choices! Yes, you get to choose the layout and the floorplan, decide on the perfect location of the kitchen and put the closets in all the right places, but you also get to choose the quality of the materials used to build your home, the level of luxury for each of the interior finishes, the energy-efficiency level and more. 

The process of building a custom home requires vast amounts of coordination and knowledge. At MLC Contracting & Cabinetry, we bring over 35 years of experience in the field to every custom home project. Allow us to serve as your guide through the process. 

Some of the top considerations when dreaming about building a custom home are: 

Dreaming and Planning
Every custom home build starts out as an idea. Whether you’ve been drawing out dream home designs on the backs of napkins for years, or you’ve decided to explore building a home instead of buying something, the fire has been lit and the wheels of your creative mind are turning. 

In this initial phase, the main focus is to start turning the dream into reality with good planning and research, and some help from experts. This is done by assembling a quality team for your project (architect, contractor, lender, etc.) and by taking active steps to get the home building budget and financing in order with your lender. 

Here at MLC Contracting, we typically get involved in custom home build projects at this stage, allowing us to be involved with the planning and design phases of the project. 

Setting the budget for your custom home project will consist of compiling realistic cost estimates for the site of the project (cost of the land, preparing the land, necessary permits, etc.), the size and scope of your home (how many square feet?, how many bedrooms?, etc.), how complex your custom home design is (how many stories, architectural highlights, engineering requirements, etc.) and your own specifications for materials and finishings. Most of the time, home build costs are expressed in the form of “price per square foot” after all of these factors have been accounted for. 

Acquiring Land and Securing Financing
The next phase focuses on purchasing the perfect piece of land to build your custom home and securing financing for your project. This is also the time to get serious about the conceptual design for your home. Consider your lifestyle, the unique style and character you’re hoping to achieve (rustic mountain home?, trendy urban design?) and the specific needs for the various rooms and areas of the house. Then focus on securing financing through your preferred lender and purchasing the perfect plot of land on which you’ll build your dream home. 

Design Phase
Now the real fun begins, when you and your team work directly with the architect, designer and contractor to turn the concepts and ideas into a real custom home design. Lean on your expert team through this process, and take the time to do it right, you want to love the results. 

Construction Phase
This is our area of expertise here at MLC Contracting & Cabinetry. There may be no greater feeling than that of watching your custom home project unfold before your very eyes! Most of your decisions have been made (although there will surely be some to come), and you get to watch the dream come to life. The build process on a custom home typically takes 12 – 18 months and a skilled, experienced contractor is a huge asset during this phase.

Why Choose MLC Contracting & Cabinetry?

Experience and Excellence
We have over 35 years of experience in construction and contracting, ranging from residential to large-scale commercial projects. We bring all of that experience and knowledge with us to every custom home project. We also pride ourselves in our excellent results and satisfied customers. 

Locations Served
MLC Contracting & Cabinetry offers custom home build services in the Denver, CO area, including: Denver, Lakewood, Arvada, Littleton, Golden, Aurora, Thornton, Northglenn, Boulder (and surrounding areas) and Highlands Ranch. We also operate in the mountain communities of Colorado, offering custom home builds in Evergreen, Conifer, Summit County, Grand County and more. 

Start Your Custom Home Project

Contact MLC Contracting today to get started on your custom home build. The first step is a consultation and estimate. Let’s create a custom home that you’ll love!