Home Additions

The of the most common homeowner complaints are a lack of space and a lack of storage. While some families look at purchasing a larger home, for many others a home addition makes a lot more sense. By adding on to your existing home, you get to keep living in your neighborhood, attend the same schools and avoid the hassle of buying, selling and moving. It’s a great solution!

Home additions add value and space to your home. They can take the form of “pop tops” (adding a floor to your home), building additional rooms onto the side or back of your home, building on top of a garage, finishing a basement and more. 

Adding On To Your Home

Adding on to your home provides value in a few different ways:

  • Adds Value – Increasing the square footage of your home not only improves it while you’re living there, but it also increases the overall value of your home. 
  • Accounts for Growing Families – Whether you are adding children, caring for aging parents or growing your family in some other way, you may find your current home simply isn’t large enough to fit everyone. 
  • Provides Extra Space – Do you need to store more gear, vehicles or toys in your garage? Adding a stall can help. Do you entertain guests often and need a large, open space for gathering? Perhaps a sunroom or an expanded kitchen will do the trick. 

If Your Dreams Outsize Your Home
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Home Additions with MLC Contracting & Cabinetry

Home additions are a wonderful option for homeowners looking to increase the living space available in their home. Home additions add square footage to your existing home, provide a bump in resale value and can also add areas to your home to serve a particular purpose. Perhaps you need to account for new house members, like aging parents or a growing family. Perhaps you’ve wanted to include a specific space in your home as an office, an art studio or a living space that can be rented out or used for guests. Whatever your reason, a home addition can be a great option, and MLC Contracting & Cabinetry is here to help! 

Home additions can take many forms, but commonly include:
Adding a Second Story
Commonly referred to as a “pop top”, adding a second story to your home is a great way to add a large amount of square footage and living space to your home. While it may sound daunting to undertake such a massive project, these projects are quite common and having professional contractors like MLC Contracting on board will keep the project running smoothly and ensure great results. 

Adding a New Room
Some homeowners choose to add a single room to their home to fill a particular purpose, perhaps a master suite, a bedroom or an expanded kitchen. 

Building Above the Garage
Adding a living space above the garage is a cost-effective way to add to your home. These additions can be especially useful as stand-alone living spaces for aging parents or as a rental property. 

Basement Additions
If you have an unfinished basement, MLC Contracting can help you finish it off for use as bedrooms, guest rooms, a home gym or office space, an entertaining area and more. This is one of the most cost-effective home additions, as no new space is being added to the home itself. 

Patio and Deck Additions
Patio additions can include adding to your home via indoor, outdoor or combination living space. Adding an outdoor patio, enclosing a patio to create a sunroom or mudroom area or creatively creating an indoor/outdoor space are all wonderful options to make your home better fit your needs. 

Small Addition Projects
These small additions include projects like bump-outs (kitchen nooks, expanded living room, etc.), adding attic space with dormers, enclosing a porch and more. These small projects can add style to a home design and serve a particular purpose for the homeowner. 

Because adding a home addition directly increases the value of your home, utilizing built up home equity to cover the costs makes a lot of sense. Homeowners often refinance or take out a home equity loan in order to finance their home addition project. 

Here at MLC Contracting & Cabinetry, we bring decades of experience to your home addition project. For such an immense undertaking, you want to partner with someone you can trust to get the job done the right way.

Why Choose MLC Contracting & Cabinetry for your home addition project?

Experience and Excellence
We have over 35 years of experience in construction and contracting, ranging from residential to large-scale commercial projects. We bring all of that experience and knowledge with us to every home addition project. We also pride ourselves in our excellent results and satisfied customers. 

Locations Served
MLC Contracting & Cabinetry offers home addition and remodeling services in the Denver, CO area, including: Denver, Lakewood, Arvada, Littleton, Golden, Aurora, Thornton, Northglenn, Boulder (and surrounding areas) and Highlands Ranch. We also operate in the mountain communities of Colorado, offering home remodels in Evergreen, Conifer, Summit County, Grand County and more. 

If Your Dreams Outsize Your Home
Let's Talk Additions

Contact MLC Contracting today to get started on your home addition project. The first step is a consultation and estimate. Let’s work to expand your home into the size and space that you need.