Custom Millworks & Countertops

The kitchen counter is where function and beauty collide. Countertops see heavy use – from preparing family meals to serving as de facto home office space. They can also provide a beautiful centerpiece to any modern, luxury kitchen. 

Stop by our Arvada showroom to see our wide selection of various countertops, which can be custom cut to fit your kitchen.

Luxury Countertops

We offer a wide range of luxury countertops, all of which can be custom fabricated for your purposes and installed by our expert team!

  • High-quality, beautiful countertops provide the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen remodel.
  • MLC Contracting and Cabinetry carries a variety of countertop materials, including: granite, quartz, quartzite, poured concrete, porcelain and more!
  • We offer custom-fabrication and installation!

Finish Your Kitchen with Custom Countertops

Visit us today to view our countertop inventory, and to discuss custom fabrication and installation with our expert team.

Custom Millworks and Countertops from MLC Contracting & Cabinetry

There are many factors to consider when choosing new countertops – from style and cost, to durability and maintenance requirements. The most common types of countertops are granite, quartz, quartzite, laminate, butcher block and even poured concrete. Here at MLC Contracting and Cabinetry, we offer a wide variety of countertop materials, styles and more. 

Quartz Countertops
Quartz countertops are a relative newcomer to the game. Quartz countertops are engineered, allowing the manufacturers to control some of the issues with traditional stone materials. Quartz is wonderfully attractive and comes in a large variety of colors and designs. It is durable, non-porous and doesn’t chip or crack as easily as stone. The price tends to be on the higher side. 

Granite Countertops
Granite countertops are popular for a reason – they’re beautiful! They are elegant, durable and timeless. Granite is a natural stone, quarried and smoothed down for kitchen countertop use. It must be finished and sealed to protect the stone (and your family from possible bacteria). It is eco-friendly, as a natural option. The price can be high, of course, but the durability and quality balance that out. 

Quartzite Countertops
Quartzite is a natural sandstone rock that is manually transformed into Quartzite through high heat and high pressure. The resulting finish is durable, strong and beautiful (often described as “sparkling”). Quartzite is a wonderful option for your kitchen countertop!

Poured Concrete Countertops
A relative newcomer to the countertop scene, poured concrete is quickly becoming a favorite of homeowners due to it’s durability, heat-resistent qualities and ease of maintenance. Poured concrete countertops look like mottled, natural stone. The color and pattern possibilities are nearly endless. You can even embed stones, glass, ceramic or other creative elements as a border. If you haven’t considered a poured concrete countertop, talk to us about this wonderful option!


Countertop Custom Fabrication & Installation

Here at MLC Contracting and Cabinetry, we are your one-stop shop for countertop fabrication and installation. Our expert team can custom fabricate the countertop of our choice to fit perfectly in your space, and our contracting services team will handle installation. Visit our showroom in Arvada today and get your countertop project started!